At home and accesible throught public and private partner collaboration

  • High reliability products: ultrafast, excimer laser, Q-Switched DPSS, CW and quasi-CV, high energy pulsed, diode and fiber laser, with different spectrum bandwidth: 248 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nn.
  • Picoseconds and nanoseconds laser (UV/VIS/IR). Focal point processing and scanner irradiation options available for all wavelengths.
  • Multiaxis positioning systems
  • Acousto-optic modulators and digital delay generator optional for pulse control system.
  • Characterization facilities (through partnership): Confocal, SEM, EDX, XPS, Raman, Atomic Force, TEM, etc.
  • High speed cameras.
  • Motion control, optical components (mirrors, lenses, polarising and filters optics), opto-mechanics (optical mounts, supports, rails systems, etc.)


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