Research areas

INNOFLUENCE core activity is to developed customized machines for:

  • Laser-assisted bioprinting, and R&D bio-aplications.
  • Biomedical (opthalmology, dermatology, surgery, dentistry,
    phlebology, etc.)
  • Laser induced forward transfer LIFT, thus the investigation of the fundamental transfer mechanisms and studies relative to dynamics of the high speed jets formation throught time-resolved imaging techniques.


In addition the company offer training, consulting and engineering services in ultrafast industrial laser applications, including:

  • Addivitive manufacturing.
  • Laser surface functionalization.
  • Fundamental research.
  • Photovoltaic manufacturing with lasers.
  • Lasers for Flat panel displays, semiconductor and LED applications.
  • 3D laser micro/nano fabrication.
  • Industrial manufacturing.
  • Safety and laser regulation aspects.Imagen1

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