• Product developmentSystem
  • Design enginnering: CAD/3D Modelling.
  • Highly customized for each application, the appropriate laser source is selected according to the specific requirements of each application.
  • Precision beam positioning and vision system
  • Multiple optic systems are available to optimize custom applications:
    • Flying optics for high-precision beam positioning.
    • For faster beam positioning the system can be configured   with high speed laser galvanometer   mirrors and scan-lens objectives.
  • Multiple vision systems are available to optimize custom applications. Vision capabilities may include:
    • Precise locating of the irradiation área
    • Ultimate precision and repetition accuracy.


      LOC device for microfluidics and molecular biology

    • Automatic components alignment.
  • The laser system can be supplied with full scale automation in various configurations.
    • Automatic gap control.
    • Online beam control and autofocus.
    • Automatic sample and donor substrate handling
    • Advanced software and vision capatibilities, with precise locating of the irradiation area, ultimate printing precision and repetition accuracy for quality control.

      Vision software to cell picking

      Automatic vision and positioning systems to pick and place for single cell transfer

  • Process parametrization.
  • Development system with controlled environments: laminar flow benches and biosafety cabinets for each applications, with a real-time controls of the printing processes (humidity, temperatura, CO2, UV, etc.)
  • The consumables of the systems.
  • Liquid control devices in Bio.

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