Highlight the multiplicity of systems not only for regenerative medicine bioprinting, but for bio-applications in general, such as to alter or isolate very small tissue samples in molecular pathology (Laser-assisted microdissection (LAM) of the living cells from a cell culture with possibility of re-culturing the isolated cells), with high selective ablation of the cells (cancer and contaminating cells) or extracellular structure of biological tissue; good capability to introduce or transport small material (pathogens, microorganism, bacteria, molecules, quantum dots, gold nanospheres, enzymes, combinations of DNA and RNA, drugs, etc.) into the cells (Biophotonic Laser-assisted cell surgery tool BLAST (UCLA); laser teweezers reducing the risk of thermal or photochemical damage in biological applications of optical trapping and manipulation (to study of the elasticity of the cells), just like that convectional diagnostic and therapeutic approaches as high resolution imaging modalities (PAI, OCT, SERS, etc.); cells sorting (fluorescence activated cell sorting FACS).

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